Foster Future Service Dogs

Foster Future Service Dogs

Our Foster Program provides a chance for our Service Dogs in training to acclimate in a home before they are paired with their future Warriors. You are prepping these future heroes for their life-changing purpose.

Why Foster?

If you love dogs and are looking for a way to give back, look no further. We are searching for volunteers to provide our Service Dogs in training a short-term loving home to get them ready for their future Warrior.

Whether you can commit to a weekend, a few weeks, or a couple months, your help directly impacts our mission and is greatly appreciated. Also, you don’t have to worry about buying food, a leash, a crate, or medical expenses because K9s For Warriors takes care of it all. 

Your only responsibility is to provide a safe and loving environment for a Veteran’s future battle buddy. You can also foster our Adoptable Dogs here at K9s For Warriors! This opportunity helps pups who didn’t quite pass all of the requirements to be a Service Dog, but still make great pets. You can help get the dog better acquainted with a home environment before finding their forever family.

Participating in fostering a dog through K9s For Warriors allows you to get directly involved with our mission of saving lives at both ends of the leash  — a win-win!


We are in need of dog fosters, typically lasting from one to six months. These foster dogs can include Service Dogs in training, adoptable dogs, and dogs recovering from medical procedures. Fostering helps us to learn more about the dog so we can better prepare them for advanced Service Dog training. For any further questions, please contact &

Requirements to be a dog foster volunteer include:

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Live within 60 miles of K9s For Warriors campuses (Ponte Vedra, FL or San Antonio, TX)
  • Have regular access to a car
  • For longer term fosters, attend human-only classes to ensure the dog stays consistent with K9s For Warriors’ Service Dog program 
  • Availability for all medical treatments and veterinary appointments
  • Provide a safe environment 
  • Must agree to return the dog upon request

Foster Dogs Living Their Best Life

Request A Tour

Thank you for your interest in touring our National Headquarters in Ponte Vedra, FL. K9s For Warriors is a residential training facility. Our Warriors live on our campus for 21 days while learning to work with their new Service Dogs. To respect our Warriors privacy, we are unable to accommodate field trips, large group outings, and large parties. Additionally, some of the tour information may not be suitable for children.

Adoptable Dog Waitlist

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our dogs. We hope that your perfect fit becomes available soon! Please fill out the application below – and our Adoption Team will add you to our waitlist. 

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Station Dog Information Request

If you would like to inquire about the K9s For Warriors Station Dog Program, please share with us the following information:

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