From puppy to pairing

Dog's Journey

From puppy to pairing with a veteran in-need, we put love and heart into each dog every step of the way.


At K9s For Warriors, we procure dogs from a variety of sources, including animal shelters, rescues, dog donations, and we acquire dogs from select breeders. The majority of our dogs will always be from high-kill shelters as this is critical to our mission. We make it our mission to save two lives — a veteran and a shelter dog. Our procurement team tirelessly searches surrounding animal shelters, seeking suitable Service Dog candidates.

To find out more about the shelter-to-Service-Dog procurement process, visit our blog.


For some Service Dogs, training starts early. The K9s For Warriors Puppy Program consists of volunteers who dedicate countless hours training and caring for a puppy before it enters the kennels to become a future Service Dog.

As we expand, the need for puppy-raisers is greater than ever! If you live within 50 miles of a K9s For Warriors campus and are looking to make an impact, fill out our puppy raiser form today.

Dog Donations

We also accept dog donations — both puppies and adult dogs — from eight weeks old to three months of age.

If you’d like to donate a dog to a veteran, please fill out our dog donation form.

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Career Changes

While many of our dogs go on to become Service Dogs and are paired with a veteran, some dogs do not qualify to live the Service Dog life and are career-changed.
The K9s For Warriors Station Dog Program

The K9s For Warriors Station Dog Program provides law enforcement and first responder agencies with reliable, high quality K9s that provide emotional support to police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, victims, and others who are repeatedly exposed to traumatic events in the line of duty.

Local Family Dog Adoption

Other dogs that career-change during training are adopted out to local families.