K9s For Warriors In The Community

Fundraise to save two lives today — a rescue dog & a Veteran!

Raise awareness and help us end Veteran suicide by creating your own fundraiser — you can make a difference right in your own community. Run a race, host a lemonade stand, or request donations in exchange for birthday or wedding gifts. The sky is the limit!

FOAR From Home

FOAR From Home rowed over 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, raising over $750,000 and funding a kennel at the David Family Mega Kennel.

Lukes Lemonade Stand

Luke's Lemonade Stand

Luke and Charlee set up a lemonade and cookie stand and donated all the proceeds to our mission!

Coast2Coast Riders

Bob and his brother Frank biked from California to Florida for 60 days — over 2,700 miles — raising $18,000.

You can host a golf tournament, chili cook-off, a car show — you can even climb Mount Everest — all to support our Veterans and rescue dogs. You can make an impact wherever you are.

Upcoming Community Fundraisers

Appleton, WI
July 21, 2024

Motorcycle Ride for charity with donation baskets, silent auctions at all stops. Thank you for your support!e will have a 50/50 raffle, silent auctions, donations baskets at all stops, t-shirts available for purchase,

 How Do I Get Started?

Getting Started is simple! We’re here to help every step of the way. Follow the three simple steps below and you’ll be off and running before you know it! 

1. Start a Fundraiser

Submit your fundraiser idea and a team member will reach out to assist you with getting started!

2. Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about your fundraiser — you can use social media, email, text, or whatever works for you.

3. Collect Donations

Start raising funds to help us save two lives. Each and every donation makes a difference!

Fundraiser FAQs

We want you to have the best success, so the first step is to get registered! K9s For Warriors has TeamRaiser available to you to register your fundraising details through our website events portal and obtain a donor page specific to your fundraiser that you may personalize and share. Directing your participants to donate via the link allows funds to come directly to K9s For Warriors without having to personally manage donations. Note that K9s For Warriors cannot reimburse you for costs. Sharing your fundraiser information and link utilizing social media is a terrific way to get the news out about your fundraiser and help boost efforts! 

K9s For Warriors does its best to be as fiscally responsible as possible to ensure donations go where they are intended – directly into our program, so we will not be able to provide you with brochures or swag; however, upon approval of your registration you will recieve our toolkit link including:

  • A printable brochure
  • Proud Supporter Logo (the only logo of ours that should be used)
  • Approved photos + videos, flyer and poster templates, social media content, press release template, and other informational material that you can download and print. 

Be sure to also check out our website shop Here for potential swag to use as giveaway items only (not to be sold for donations). Should you order in bulk, let us know so we can track and possibly offer a discounted rate. You can also create your own swag using our Proud Supporter Logo. All marketing/advertising for the event should be submitted to K9s For Warriors for approval before it is printed or distributed.

In addition to sending you the K9s toolkit link plus listing your fundraiser on our website, to help further boost your event we will be happy to share one post with your event details to our Story within 48 hours prior to your event date and/or one follow-up post within 48 hours after your event date. It is required that you send us an email ( with the request so we can alert our social media team about the post. For continuity of our brand, we can only share posts that include the correct use of our Proud Supporter Logo, program messaging, and have our name spelled correctly: K9s For Warriors.

The K9s For Warriors’ team and our Warrior graduates across the country are incredibly grateful to supporters who want nothing more than to help raise funds and awareness for our life-saving program. We would love to attend every fundraiser but unfortunately that is not logistically possible. We rely on our amazing hosts to be our voice to help raise awareness and funds where we cannot physically be. We evaluate requests for attendance on a case-by-case basis and we cannot guarantee to have a K9s representative or Warrior Ambassador with Service Dog at your event. Our Warrior graduates with their Service Dogs are not required to attend fundraisers or participate in any way.

Having a sponsor is a great way to offset your fundraising costs. By request, K9s For Warriors can provide you with an event verification letter confirming your fundraiser that you can present to potential sponsors; however, we cannot provide the sponsor with a tax receipt for their donation made to your fundraiser. All tangibles such as silent auction items, gift certificates, food/beverage donations, etc. are required to be sent directly to the host of the third-party fundraiser. K9s cannot accept those items in-house. If you are not with an organization that claims 501(c)3 status, please do not promise a charitable-tax receipt.

We are not legally permitted to provide our sales tax letter for third-party fundraisers.

We will send tax receipts to donors whose checks or online donations are made directly to K9s For Warriors. Should you choose to send us a single combined donation check from your event and would like the donors included in that check to receive tax receipts, we would need the breakdown details of who donated, the amount donated and their mailing address and contact information. We cannot issue a tax receipt to both you and your donor(s).

We will send tax receipts to donors whose checks or online donations are made directly to K9s For Warriors. Should you choose to send us a combined check donation from your event and would like individual donors to receive tax receipts, we would need the details of who donated, the amount donated, and their contact information. By law, we can not issue a tax receipt to both you and your donor(s).

No. Anyone can host a fundraiser that benefits K9s For Warriors. We request that any fundraising event hosted by a third party be registered to receive approval before getting started.

We understand that fundraisers incur expenses; however, K9s For Warriors cannot fund or financially support third-party community events. Third-party community fundraising organizers are responsible for covering all expenses and will not be reimbursed for costs. Sponsors are a great way to offset costs. Costs for swag, for example, can be pulled from the overall total prior to sending the final donation. Pre-planning your event budget is an important first stage detail of hosting.

Request A Tour

Thank you for your interest in touring our National Headquarters in Ponte Vedra, FL. K9s For Warriors is a residential training facility. Our Warriors live on our campus for 21 days while learning to work with their new Service Dogs. To respect our Warriors privacy, we are unable to accommodate field trips, large group outings, and large parties. Additionally, some of the tour information may not be suitable for children.

Adoptable Dog Waitlist

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our dogs. We hope that your perfect fit becomes available soon! Please fill out the application below – and our Adoption Team will add you to our waitlist. 

K9s For Warriors Logo

Station Dog Information Request

If you would like to inquire about the K9s For Warriors Station Dog Program, please share with us the following information:

Agency Point of Contact

General Questions

Handler Information

Contact Information

Contact Information