Research and Advocacy for Every Veteran

K9s For Warriors drives research of service-connected trauma and treatment through strategic organization of leaders and research professionals devoted to fighting for every veteran. We share our findings with other organizations fighting for veteran causes to collectively promote awareness, advance the research around service-connected trauma, and inspire tireless advocacy to save veteran lives.

A Veteran with her Service Dog

Benefiting Veterans, K9s, and the Community

K9s For Warriors focuses on research to demonstrate the effectiveness of its program. Our research focuses on the impact of Service Dogs on veterans, which helps to shape public policy initiatives aimed at preventing veteran suicide and empowering these heroes to live productive lives in their communities.

Latest Breakthroughs

The data K9s For Warriors compiles provides a foundation for discussions on solutions to help veterans heal. The issues veterans face are too complex to be solved by one organization. We empower people with information, funds, or endorsements to ensure adequate treatment is available to every veteran.

Two Veterans with Service Dogs speaking in DC

Affecting Policy to Save Lives


K9s For Warriors is committed to seeing that the federal government passes the Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers (PAWS) Act. The act would require the Department of Veterans Affairs to establish a grant program providing Service Dogs to veterans diagnosed with service-connected trauma through organizations that offer accredited training. We have introduced this bill several times, validating the effectiveness of Service Dogs in reducing veteran suicide.

The VA has finally concluded its study confirming what K9s For Warriors has already known through scientific research data. The time is now for Congress to take action on behalf of our veteran heroes.

Partnering for a Cause

All veterans deserve access to every resource that will contribute to their healing. We work with other veteran-focused organizations and tirelessly educate our representatives to drive causes and legislation that enable Warriors to successfully integrate back into society.

A state-by-state guide to the rights of Service Dog handlers

Most states protect the rights of Service Dogs and their handlers. These laws sometimes vary. Use this guide to understand your area’s rules.

Latest Research