Your Time Can Save the Lives of Veterans and K9s

Volunteering is vital to the success of the K9s For Warriors program. The support of our volunteers enables us to further our mission to end veteran suicide by providing Service Dogs to military personnel suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and military sexual trauma.

K9s For Warriors Service Dog Chief

Volunteer Ambassadors

Volunteer ambassadors educating others about our program is vital to our mission. K9s For Warriors will train you to be able to effectively communicate the importance of our noble cause.

Cooking For Warriors

If you are passionate about cooking and our mission, you are ideal for preparing home-cooked meals for our Warriors. You can help support our Warriors by providing them with a true home away from home experience.

K9s Foster Program

If you love dogs and are looking for a way to give back, look no further. We are searching for volunteers who can help us give prospective Service Dogs-in-training a jump start into the program. Whether you can commit to a weekend, a few months, or a year, we’d love your help. Also, you don’t have to worry about buying food, a leash, a crate, training classes or medical expenses, because K9s For Warriors takes care of all that. The only responsibility you will have is to provide love and a nurturing environment for a veteran’s future battle buddy.

Taking part in the K9s For Warriors foster program gives you an opportunity to get involved with our mission. If you are interested in this unique opportunity, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live within 50 miles of K9s For Warriors National Headquarters in Ponte Vedra, Fla.
  • Have regular access to a car
  • Attend four human-only classes with K9s trainers to ensure that the dog you’re fostering is trained in a manner consistent with K9s For Warriors’ program
  • Attend monthly obedience classes with K9s trainers
  • Provide a safe environment for respective dogs being fostered
  • Provide appropriate socialization opportunities (i.e. public places)
  • Agree to return the dog upon request
Jed, Service Dog-in-training

Not sure which foster opportunity is right for you? Here are details on each option for you to carefully consider:

Foster: Brief Stay – Only have a few days to help out? Our brief stay fosters are utilized through an on-call basis for a variety of reasons when we need to place a Service Dog-in-training for a few days.

Foster: Short-Term – We are in need of short-term fosters typically lasting from one to six months. These short-term fosters can include: shelter rescue dogs, puppies between eight weeks to 16 months old, and dogs recovering from medical procedures. Short-term fostering helps us to learn more about the dog in preparation for their advancement into training to become a Service Dog.

Foster: Puppy Raisers – This provides a longer-term opportunity to foster and raise a puppy, typically ranging in age from eight weeks to 16 months old. Fosters must be able to supervise the puppy throughout the day, teaching them manners and basic skills. They’ll also be tasked with providing the puppy with age-appropriate socialization opportunities outside of the home.