A K9s For Warriors Fundraiser

Little Paws Big Cause is a new way to fundraise!
Get your group of family, friends, and colleagues together to raise the funds to train a puppy for a veteran.
Compete along the way to unlock prizes and behind-the-scenes training footage of your puppy!
Fundraising ends at midnight on August 26th, #NationalDogDay.
Little Paws Big Caue

Join a team or create your own!

Through our Little Paws Big Cause Fundraiser, you and your circle of family, friends, and colleagues will help raise the funds needed to support our next class of puppies - from training through graduation - where they will be paired with a Warrior as their new Service Dog.

With each new fundraising goal you and your team reach, your efforts will help pay for food, veterinary care, and training, as well as new projects like our Davis Family Mega Kennel training facility.

Individual Achievements

Don’t worry, we have some cool stuff for you too! With each new fundraising goal you and your team reaches, you’ll unlock exclusive rewards and perks, including behind-the-scenes training updates!

Raise $100

to fund the food bowls and a bed for a puppy in-training
Earn a K9s For Warriors sticker and wristband.

Raise $250

to fund custom vests, leashes and collars.
Earn an exclusive K9s For Warriors t-shirt.

Raise $500

to fund the enrichment tools and crates.
Earn a K9s For Warriors embroidered tote bag.

Raise $1000

to fund veterinary care for a puppy in-training
Earn your choice of a K9s For Warriors 1/4 zip OR a plush throw.

All prizes will be mailed directly to the team organizer approximately 45 days after the fundraiser concludes.

Team Achievements

Raise $1,000

Your team is off to a great start! Once you raise $1,000, your team will be introduced to the puppy you’re supporting!

Raise $5,000

Gotta keep it going! At the
$5,000 mark, your team will unlock behind-the-scenes photos of the puppy you are supporting!

Raise $10,000

Holy smokes! If your team raises $10,000, you’ll receive exclusive video footage of your puppy training. Don’t stop now!

Raise $15,000

Wow! Once your team raises $15,000, we’ll send you a personalized video from a K9 trainer and a Service-Dog-in-training. Keep up the great work!

Raise $25,000

Serious Superstars! Make it to $25,000, and your team will fully fund a Service Dog. You will be the driving force behind a veteran’s life-changing road to recovery, earning the right to name and fully sponsor a Service Dog.


Service Dog sponsorship includes:

Right to name a future Service Dog (name subject to K9FW approval)

Welcome gift to show our appreciation

Regular updates on your Service Dog-in-training, including photos

Notice of veteran pairing and an invitation to K9/Warrior graduation

Help pair a puppy like Glory with her veteran!

K9s For Warriors Gold Stars Emblem

Have Questions?

If you have questions or need to speak with someone about ways to support K9s For Warriors, please contact us at 904-686-1956 or